Wipro Switches

Wipro Northwest brings to you Nowa and Convex, a premium range of switches. Fusing simplicity with elegance, its fabulous finishes redefine the style of your home.

Types Of Switches


Nowa Switches are built to offer a number of benefits that provide added value to your home’s décor.


⦁ Cube grid structure
⦁ Positive locks for firm locking
⦁ Shrouded Terminals for finger proofing
⦁ Vertical and horizontal adjustments
⦁ Captive screws prevent screws from falling off


⦁ Premium gloss finish
⦁ 360-degree rotation hum-free fan regulators
⦁ Vertical shutter movement for minimizing pressure

Convex – Perma for assembly

The perfect mashup of classic design with modern technology, Convex Switches are built to provide superior protection for your homes


⦁ Polycarbonate material for high gloss flame retardant
⦁ Metal retainer for the long life of contact carrier
⦁ Silver touch contact for long life
⦁ Thermoset material for parts in contact with live metal for safe electrical insulation


⦁ Surface Protection
⦁ Protection from your equipment
⦁ Protection against fire hazard

Avancee Distribution Board

Wipro safeguarding your homes with Avancee Distribution Board. In the rapidly evolving lifestyle, life comes packaged with high-end gadgets and appliances, where the only constant element is power, and its use at every corner of our homes.


 ⦁ Rounder corners for safety and aesthetics
⦁ Ergonomic knob for easy shield removal
⦁ Removable gland plate on top & bottom with additional side knockout holes
⦁ Reinforced side walls to avoid buckling during installation
⦁ High-quality RAL 9003 matte finish powder coating
⦁ Reversible door-frame unit
⦁ Independent Floating shield plate for perfect MCB fitment
⦁ PAN assembly design for easy switchgear installation

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