Miniature Circuit Breakers

We offer an extensive variety of MCBs. These are used to protect the damaged Costly pieces of equipment in case of excess current moving through the circuit. Whenever excess current beginnings move through the line, MCBs trip and stay away from any further harm. The average running range is 6A TO 63Amp.

 (a) Acti9 iPF K

(b) A9K

A surge arrester is a protection tool that safeguards electrical appliances like computers, refrigerators, industrial equipment, and other machines from transient voltages in power distribution systems and data cables. The Acti9 iPF K Surge Arrester by Schneider is a high-quality arrester that provides maximum protection and ensures a long life for all your electrical appliances.

• Breaking Capacity as per IEC 60898 and IS/IEC 60898-1, Icn = 10kA

  • Breaking Capacity as per IEC 60947-2, Icn = 15kA, up to 40A
  • Can be used for DC application up to 60V per pole
  • Higher system performance with an optimized cost: Cascading*
  • Increased System Continuity: Discrimination*
  • Higher Installation Life: Energy Limitation Class 3, Fast Closure Mechanism
  • Ease, Speed, and Flexibility of installation – Biconnected, Line-Load Reversible
  • Field-fittable auxiliaries for advanced protection and monitoring
  • Positive Contact Indication for assurance of disconnection

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