63/100A Autochangeover for common amenities with ATS

The smartest approach to provide continuous power for critical applications is to transfer sources between the load. Our ATS Changeover panels (Automatic Transfer Switch) are designed with automatic start/stop DG operation to ease the transfer between primary source to alternate source for providing continuous power supply.


  • Automatic Transfer switch with inbuilt Unicron processor-based AMF controller
  • Source I & Source II Protection against order/over voltage Single phase missing and optional overload tripping logic
  • External remote control logic by using PLC ATS Controller or Genset Controller
  • Availability of overload tripping with inverse curve logic
  • Optional Wi-Fi & Free 24 months cloud monitoring
  • Automatic Start/Stop Operation of DG on mains failure
  • Inbuilt control switch for selecting auto manual mode.
  • External Indication terminal output for source healthy and load on inbuilt fuse protection to avoid failure of AMF Controller.


  • Smooth and High-Speed load transfer in the event of a power outage or disturbances in the power supply
  • Incorporated with fire alarm/external trip and plays a pivotal role in providing maximum immunity in the electrical system from fire risk faults
  • Systematized with time delays timers to prolong the stability of power source during automatic switching of sources in the case of blackout or loss of power
  • Facilitates easy installation and ensures reliable performance

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